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TEDxNHCE Ups And Downs

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Bangalore Rural, Karnataka (KA)

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02 Mar 2018

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Common For All

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New Horizon College Of Engineering


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27 Feb 2018 - 01 Mar 2018

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New Horizon College of Engineering is more than proud to present TEDxNHCE, for the first time on our campus!

Going by the theme of 1s & 0s and a wonderful cast tagline of ‘braving the ups and downs’, in the wave of discrete labyrinths, the organizers are in high spirits and confident enough to pull off TEDxNHCE in the best possible way ever.

Our speakers:

1. Benny Prasad:-

Benny Prasad is an eminent musician, best known for holding the world record of being the fastest man to travel all the 245 countries in the world. He has performed at the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the 2004 Olympic Games.

218 countries.travelled March 2008, his name featured in the Limca book of records for being the fastest performer to have Dr Benny Prasad is also the reputed designer of two guitars – the world's first bongo guitar and a 54 string guitar, the Bentar.

He is an epitome of passion and aspiration, a phenomenal musician, and a revolutionary speaker.

2. Bobby Joshi:-

Bobby Joshi is a travel and landscape photographer based out of Bengaluru. Bobby has traveled all over the world taking photographs of nature and cultures and his work has been feted and featured in countless publications across the world.

Bobby is a self-taught photographer and the founder and director of good shots Academy, a photography company, through which he conducts workshops and mentors budding photographers in the finer aspects of photography.

Captures nature's ecstatic allure with sheer adroitness and consequently inspires numerous young minds to view life from a different perspective.

3. Samara Mahindra:-

Samara Mahindra is a successful entrepreneur and one of a kind benefactor of cancer victims. She has been aiding cancer patients in their fight using her cancer exercise expertise, breast cancer recovery training and cancer coaching.

Her startup Carer Program has been a solace to multitudes. Making a headway through all circumstances, her startup now aims to provide an integrated and holistic care in cancer recovery and rehabilitation, providing them with exhilarent energy to get back to life.

4. John Niklas:-

John Niklas is one of the most prominent talents from South India - a musician, beat boxer and an EMCEE. He has performed for various corporate events, live shows, IPL franchises and so many more.

He is the lead member & founder of two bands which have represented Bangalore at many social events - Bengaluru Music Station and Game of Songs.

5. Sachin Gupta:-

The one who trusted his instincts and followed his passion into being his own boss. Meet Sachin Gupta Co-founder and CEO of HackerEarth!

6.Rajesh Jagasia:-

From lucrative software career to teaching the Art of Living Courses full time. A lot of people in the world dream of doing something apart from the ordinary, but few have the courage to go out and do it. Rajesh Jagasia happens to be one of those few.

Our performers:-

1. Space is all we have -

Progressive rock band founded in early 2014 and has dazzled audiences across the country. They’ve won many major competitions and rose to immense acclaim in the past four years.

2. Hari Haran-

A beatboxer who transcends across different music genres and has scored more than 100 shows in just five years. He is the only beatboxer to judge a national level LSB Championship at Dragon House

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New Horizon College Of Engineering

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Bangalore Rural, Karnataka (KA), India


Ring Road, Near Marathalli,
Bangalore – 560 103,INDIA

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Akash.H.S ( Sponsorship Head)


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TEDx Department

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Akash HS

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2018-02-26 17:37:34

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